Why Use Our Service?

Why Use Our Service?

For the Customer

Finding the perfect photo booth deal has never been easier! Let’s take your event from incredible to unforgettable!

What is our service?

  • Save yourself the hassle of sifting through different sites to try and find the perfect deal. We list the best photo booth providers in Australia and show them all in one place for your ease of access. 
  • Browse through some of the hottest photo booth package deals in Australia to find one that’s right for your event.
  • Our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind. If the business you hire is not up to standard, we’ll provide your money back!

For the Business

Online & Traditional Marketing Is Getting Harder & More Expensive.

Let us allow you to focus on what you do best, photoboothing!

  • Saves you wasted time on your failed marketing attempts
    • We’ve had our fair share of failed adwords and SEO campaigns in the past, we know what it feels like. Through our failures we’ve developed a formula for success. Allow us to market for you and leave you the more enjoyable tasks.
  • No fees for your business
    • With no sign-up or ongoing fees, there’s really no negative to jumping on board
    • We make our money off booking your gigs, so we want you to succeed as well!
  • Zero administration required
    • Let’s be partners, we’ll handle the customer interaction and you can handle the gig!
    • If you’re looking for more work to fill in the down times of the year, or you’re looking to expand your business, we’re the perfect listing for you.

How Does Our Website Work For Customer?


This is what we do in five easy steps

    1. Browse through our promotions to find a photo booth deal that is right for you!
    2. Once you’ve found the deal that you’re looking for simply provide all the necessary details such as when the event is, at what address etc. and provide the initial payment to us via the “booking form”.
    3. Your details will immediately be sent to the company followed by confirmation.
    4. You will then be redirected to pay us via paypal.
    5. We withhold the payment to the business until after the event has occurred and everything has gone smoothly. If something is not up to standard, we provide you with your 100% money back. This will ensure a successful completion of your event, and if not, it’s on us!

Providing a safety net for you 

To ensure your event goes off without a hitch, we have implemented a strategy that means you’re guaranteed to have a stunning photo booth at your event, or your money back!

By acting as the middle-agent between the customer and the photo booth business we provide you a safety net by withholding the payment to the business until after the event. Ensuring that everything has run smoothly before providing payment. 

This has two effects:

Business Accountability

  1. We ensure that the business lives up to the expectations that it advertises
  2. This incentivises our business partners to provide excellent service

 Customer Safety Net:

  1. By booking through our website, you are guaranteed to have this safety net in place for your event. You can’t lose!